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gentleman-raptor asked:

What about SS4 don't you like? The design, the way it was achieved? I always liked the design because it's what I thought Super Saiyan would look like.


Black hair? Pink fur? NEW CLOTHES? I, personally, find it visually unappealing top to bottom, honestly. Especially what they do with the eyes.

Vegeta’s is a LITTLE better, but only because they put him in leather pants and that’s kind of hilarious to me.

Well, not so much the color, but the shadows always showed a hairy saiyan, kind like a small great ape, so I figured imagine a combination of the human and monkey form.






It’s been a long time since I’ve woken up to such good news. 

Opinions, anyone?

I wish I had the kind of power to do something like this…


This website will be the fucking death of me I swear.

People are actually glorifying Robert Mugabe, what are we coming to?

Robert Mugabe is a vile and viscous dictator responsible for the ruin of his own people, using widespread torture and political murder. He is viciously homophobic, calling gays “worse than dogs and pigs”.

Oh but he hates white people, so somehow that makes him a Tumblr hero.

Fuck this website so hard.



how to be smooth as hell with your crush

oh alright

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